Why You’ll Do Everything Right And Still Be Unsuccessful

I know you. You want to make the disciplined leap to looking in the mirror every morning, crusty eyed and water balloon lipped and declare to yourself that you're successful, a world changer and beautiful. You bought a journal at the beginning of the year to house your goals in and plan how you’ll be… Continue reading Why You’ll Do Everything Right And Still Be Unsuccessful

Emotional Healing for Christians

Okay, so if this is true and I know Jesus, what’s the point of healing? Why do I still feel broken inside? Why do my holes feel so real? Well, I define healing as the process of manifesting the healing and completion you have in Christ through a renewal of the mind, transparency, introspection and changed behaviour (this is a working definition).

5 Reasons Why People Can’t Fix You

I've done it too... If you're anything like me, you've probably looked to other people to free you of your problems. You've made the people in your life involuntary fixers. Whether it be romantic partners, friends, family, mentors, spiritual leaders etc. you've signed them up for the job without their permission. I mean, it's an… Continue reading 5 Reasons Why People Can’t Fix You

‘And Certain Women’ ?

Mary Magdalene and Jesus at the tomb. Source: unknown

I learned that healing is something which distinguishes people. We live in a world where people are content with their many holes and if they have a little more oomph, will go as far as to fill them with something just as porous as the hole is. But when you are healed or are on the journey to healing, you automatically become distinct just by the simple fact that for you, holes, infirmities are not something to be managed and tolerated but healed...